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The answer to your question is YES! We ship worldwide. We're offering two shipping options: USPS and FedEx.

USPS (cost effective, but longer delivery times)

USPS is the most cost effective way to ship any parcel from the USA. Since we're shipping all our packages directly from our workshops in Pittsburgh, it's the cheapest way for you to get our products. However, please note that the tracking information is not very detailed once the package leaves the USA, and that your parcel may take a week or more to reach you. 

FedEx (more expensive but fast shipping)

After having worked with many different shipping providers, we've chosen FedEx as our expedited shipping option. If you select this shipping provider you'll be sure get your parcel quickly, anywhere on earth.

Based on your exact location, you can get more accurate details about shipping timelines on the checkout page.

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